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“I don’t know where to start but in short, Travis was nothing short of phenomenal at our event!! … If you are considering Travis, stop what you are doing and sign him up now.”

Todd Anderson


“Travis is one of the most inspiring and encouraging stories of our generation!”

Jen Allen

Lockheed Martin Corporation

“Travis is a terrific public speaker, who fluctuates between humor and sobering sincerity.”

Stacy Taylor

Open Hearts Foundation

“We expected a good talk that highlighted his injuries and time at Walter Reed Hospital. What we received was so much more…”

Matthew Bolton

Quinnipiac University

“Incredibly inspirational, motivational and exceptional communication by an amazing (and awesome) patriot who in forty five minutes captivated our audience with a resounding and powerful message.”

Raoul Quintero

Quintero Group

“Travis taught us all two very important lessons that day. Number one- you can only move forward in life and it’s critical to stay positive. Number two- anything in life is possible as long as you never give up and you never quit.”

Kim Bliss

Hendricks Holding Company Inc.

“He made us laugh, he made us cry. His story of resilience, the power of the positive, and humility moved our group. He challenged the thought processes and attitudes of everyone in the room and gave them the perspective they needed to take on their own challenges in their personal or professional lives.”

Nan Pum

M3 Insurance

“Travis is a captivating speaker with an amazing life's story. He has taken bravery and perseverance to levels that most of us could not even imagine.”

Gerald Raymond

Tully Rinckey PLLC

“I can honestly say that while his story is one of inspiration and a true American hero even more compelling is his ability to connect with his audience. I have seen near a hundred motivation speakers over the years and there are only a few I found that come across so genuine and as comfortable as a speaker as he.”

Stephen James

Mortenson Family Dental

“He engaged the audience from his opening comment to the close. His messages on leadership, perspective, and goal setting were inspiring & memorable.”

Monte Sorenson

Bayer CropScience

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